Scope / community name Edit

I think this wikia is a great idea, but I think it misses the opporunity with its focus on humanities only. The listed fields were even more limited, to some but not all media studies. Wikipedia article on huamnities lists more fields (ex. anthropology). I have expanded the list of Journal areas to cover other social science fields using the SSCI topic list (which, interestingly does not seem to cover media studies at all...). But why limit ourselves to only part of the sciences? I think this wikia should rebrand itself as a place to discuss ALL academic journals, from social and natural sciences both. I would like to propose a name change from Humanities Journals Wikia to just Journals Wikia. Any thoughts, comments? PS. Renaming a wikia can be done relatively easily: see Piotrus (talk) 03:36, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

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