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  • Clean process, acceptance after one year.
  • Moved quickly with helpful editorial suggestions.
  • Having quite the opposite response--submitted nine months ago with no word so far. Contact with the (admittedly very kind) editor returned a reply that the journal is very far behind. Still a great journal, but do NOT expect a quick reply as of now (7/2/13)

Foundation: The International Review of Science FictionEdit

Science Fiction StudiesEdit

  • Had a great experience with them. Went through two rounds of peer review but both sets of reports were extensive and really strengthened the essay. Moreover, response on peer review was very fast. Be aware, however, that they are a bit backed up, at the moment. Peer review process was very quick but had to wait for over a year (from 8/13 to publication in 11/14) for space in an issue. Still, overall, this is a really well-run journal.

Science Fiction Film and TelevisionEdit

  • Great experience, very helpful editorial staff. Requires British spelling and punctuation.

Journal of the Fantastic in the ArtsEdit

  • Editorial staff kept me informed at every stage and helped my article through to acceptance.
  • Usually moves quickly and helpful editorial staff.